Home Inventory

Revolutionize How You Manage Your Home Inventory

My Personal DataSafe offers a revolutionary way to ensure that property inventory and documents are protected for homeowners. Our comprehensive insurance module enables you create detailed home inventory records which include:

  • Location
  • Category
  • Description
  • Condition
  • Estimated Value
  • Notes
  • Model & Serial Numbers
  • Purchase Information

You can create detailed records of personal property to help maximize and simplify insurance claims in case of fire, theft or natural disasters. The problem with paper or electronic documents is that they can be lost, stolen or destroyed. The best way to protect home inventory documents is to store them securely online. My Personal DataSafe offers the ability to input, update and retrieve this information while allowing you to share it with family members or insurance adjusters. You also have the ability to upload photos or video clips of the inventoried items, and retrieve all of the information in a variety of date and time stamped reports.

Home Inventory Report

Create and update your home inventory easy and efficiently