Usernames and Passwords

Password Manager

How many usernames and passwords do you have to keep track of? Whatever your answer the number is not trivial - Email account logins, credit card access, online banking, social media accounts, and many different website logins have become a part of everyday life.

Keeping written lists of passwords on paper or in a text document on your desktop is unsafe and is easily viewed by prying eyes. My Personal DataSafe provides you a secure way to manage your passwords and to easily and quickly store, organize, and retrieve them.

Be Secure

My Personal DataSafe utilizes the same state of the art data encryption technology as leading financial service providers. We use a variety of proven security controls to ensure your data is secure including login authentication procedures, database and transmission encryption and firewall barriers.

We have partnered with Rackspace an industry leader in secure data storage and hosting. Rackspace supports a variety of Fortune 500 companies including leading financial institutions and government entities. In addition we have an SSL certificate from Verisign to monitor and verify our security practices.

Be Selective

Our patent pending software is truly unique in providing you complete sharing right controls. By creating personal and professional share users you have the ability to share your usernames and passwords. It's your data; you can decide the specific information to share and are always in complete control.

Once you have created a share user you can view their edit and sharing rights to set access privileges. Access privileges may be set for each unique username and password and also be set at various default levels for all future records. Your information is only accessible to people that you have granted access, which you can update or revoke at any time.

In addition to sharing information while alive you also have the flexibility to assign share rights only upon your death. Whether it is an executor of your estate, trusted advisor or loved one you have the ability to share information you might not be comfortable sharing while alive.

Default Share Rights

Quick and easy can be set by module, category or section