Customer Testimonials

"I feel so much better knowing that my family has access to all the information I want them to have.
After I had to clean up the mess when my parents passed away I knew I didn't want to leave my children with the same challenge."

Streamwood, IL

"My husband always takes care of all our bills. If anything were to happen to him I would know nothing about any of our household finances. With our new My Personal DataSafe account I have access to all our household information in one place."

Farmingville, NY

"As a survivor of a hurricane, the ability to access all my critical information, especially my insurance records, was invaluable after we had to be relocated. I never realized how much important information just floated away."

New Orleans, LA

"We have all experienced going to a new doctor and having to fill out endless forms. My last visit was a pleasure with the ability to access my medical records on my wireless device."

Tampa, FL