Be Secure, Be Selective

My Personal DataSafe utilizes the same state of the art data encryption technology as leading financial service providers. We use a variety of proven security controls to ensure your data is secure including login authentication procedures, database and transmission encryption and firewall barriers.

We have partnered with Rackspace an industry leader in secure data storage and hosting. Rackspace supports a variety of Fortune 500 companies including leading financial institutions and government entities.

In addition we have an SSL certificate from Verisign to monitor and verify our security practices.

Keeping Your Records Safe is Our Top Priority

We recognize that security is an integral part of our product. We have put in security controls to ensure our application was designed properly, implemented correctly and operates effectively.

My Personal DataSafe has positioned itself ahead of our competition by partnering with FYRM Associates, an information security professional services organization that specializes in application security. FYRM Associates has assessed our application against industry regarded standards and best practices, including the OWASP Top Ten and FYRMís AppTrust security controls, to ensure that My Personal DataSafe has taken the proper steps to protect their application and their customers' data from malicious attacks.